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Orphans Of Ukraine

Scope of the problem:

  1. 23 overcrowded orphanages in Lviv region housing more than 2,000 orphans, many of them relocated from active war zones.
  2. Local administration meets basic needs.
  3. Improvised shelters and daily air raid sirens.

What has been done:

  1. Funded educational and enrichment programs.
  2. Identified licensed child psychologists to provide treatment for traumatized children.
  3. Purchased and distributed humanitarian help.
  4. Partnered with the Ukrainian based Small Victories NGO which is focused entirely on helping orphaned children.

What can be done:

  1. Enable innovative educational and enrichment programs by providing computers, smart TVs, monitors and other IT equipment.
  2. Provide child psychologist support.
  3. Supply heaters for shelters, nutritious food, and warm clothes.
  4. Pilot a peer-to-peer exchange program with American youth, in which teens collaborate online. This Ukrainian-U.S. language and cultural exchange program will expand the minds of everyone involved.

Our Partners:

The Small Wins Foundation (Ukraine) was founded in response to the refugee crisis caused by Russian military aggression against Ukraine.

The Foundation is focused on providing mental health support and innovative educational and enrichment programs for thousands of orphaned children in Lviv and surrounding areas.